Judy Carmichael

Judy Carmichael

Grammy nominated pianist/singer/songwriter/radio host, Judy Carmichael is one of the world’s leading interpreters of stride and swing piano. Count Basie nicknamed her “Stride” acknowledging the command with which she plays this technically and physically demanding jazz piano style.

America’s Jazz Times Magazine says: “Judy Carmichael exhibits a truly remarkable ability to channel Peggy Lee’s breathy invitingness and her befogged insouciance. She echoes the intense perspicacity of the solo albums of Annie Ross. In other words, she winningly blends two of the all-time finest, most intuitive jazz singers.”

“Judy Carmichael is a great entertainer. Her playing is masterly and her linking material show her to be a raconteur in the Ustinov mold.”

  • BBC Radio

“Judy is a one-woman force for good; more to the point, she’s a player of extraordinary accomplishment who has made stride piano relevant again.

  • London Times

“ . . . astounding, flawless, captivating.”

  • NY Times