Two On Tap

Saturday, March 24, 2018  – 7:30 pm


 “Our audience absolutely loved the show. I’ve never heard such universal praise and thanks for an attraction!”

          -Executive Director, Grand Opera House; Dubuque, Iowa 

“A charming pair of performers, Giattino and DeStefano create a song-and-dance act that may have roots as deep as vaudeville, but together they add a kinetic flair that gives it a lively currency. The resulting show is simply adorable.”

-New Orleans Times-Picayune; New Orleans, LA 

“Simply put – every aspect of the program and presentation was delightful, well-received and appreciated by us and our patrons. After only a few minutes of dancing, they were fascinated and caught in a web of choreography, costuming and talent. Just book TWO ON TAP!”

-Starz On Stage; Helena, MT 

“The charm, the wit, the song, the dance… The audience was wild about TWO ON TAP!”

-Ross Ragland Theater; Klamath Falls, OR 

“TWO ON TAP was a smash hit! The audience responded with enthusiasm to the professional performance of the very talented and personable artists. It was a great evening!”

-Tehama Community Concerts; Red Bluff, CA 

“Beyond good . . . they were terrific! Of all the questionnaires we’ve put out over the years asking for feedback, this was above all, THE BEST!”

          -Cheyenne Concert Association; Cheyenne, Wyoming